RIM Bets On Main Street Rather Than Wall Street, And Wins Big

Many people doubted that RIM’s focus on the average consumer would pay off for the company. But it looks like it has in a huge way. According to their latest results, they’ve shocked the world. First, there’s the dollars and cents:

Revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009 was $3.46 billion, up 24.5% from $2.78 billion in the previous quarter and up 84% from $1.88 billion in the same quarter of last year.

That’s a massive revenue increase. But how does that translate into subscribers? The answer is:

Approximately 3.9 million net new BlackBerry® subscriber accounts were added in the quarter.  At the end of the quarter, the total BlackBerry subscriber account base was approximately 25 million.

Impressive! This is good enough to have their stock up by almost 25% in pre market trading. So when the bell rings in a few minutes, expect to see major gains. As for the future, here’s how they see things:

Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2010 ending May 30, 2009 is expected to be in the range of $3.3-$3.5 billion.  Gross margin for Q1 is expected to be approximately 43-44%.  Net subscriber account additions in the first quarter are expected to be between 3.7 – 3.9 million.  Earnings per share for the first quarter are expected to be in the range of $0.88-$0.97 per share diluted.

Clearly they expect this trend to continue. Maybe they’re right as I see a lot of teenagers having BlackBerries in their hands. We’ll see in three months time.

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