Texas Proposes Ban On Windows Vista Inside The State Government….. Ballmer Throws Another Chair In Anger

The Texas state Senate yesterday gave preliminary approval to a state budget that includes a provision forbidding government agencies from upgrading to Windows Vista without written consent of the legislature. Why do this? I’ll let Sen. Juan Hinojosa, vice chairman of the Finance Committee explain:

“We are not in any way, shape or form trying to pick on Microsoft, but the problems with this particular [operating] system are known nationwide,”


“And the XP operating system is working very well.”

Not to mention:

“The reason we are so vendor-specific is because Microsoft has a monopoly on government PCs.”

Needless to say Microsoft isn’t very happy about this. According to a Microsoft sock puppet spokesperson:

“We’re surprised that the Texas Senate Finance Committee adopted a rider which, in effect, singles out a specific corporation and product for unequal treatment. We hope as the budget continues to go through the process, this language will be removed.”

This still has to get past the Texas of Representatives and then be reconciled into a single bill, so this rider could disappear somewhere along the line. But this has got to be embarrassing to Microsoft.

In the meantime, Microsoft employees should be on the lookout for flying chairs.

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