Hey Canada! You Can Now Twitter Via SMS On Rogers And Fido!

Bell Canada’s reign as the only cell phone company in Canada with Twitter SMS access is over. Rogers and Fido announced today that Twitter access via SMS has been restored:

When the service goes live today, Fido customers who subscribe to a text messaging plan will be able to update their Twitter status and receive updates (known as “tweets”) via text messages on their mobile phones. Twitter texts are treated as standard messages under all text messaging plans.

So now you can keep your followers up to date with the details of your miserable life in real time. Technology is amazing isn’t it?

2 Responses to “Hey Canada! You Can Now Twitter Via SMS On Rogers And Fido!”

  1. I thought it was interesting that, as this was announced, Rogers is also implementing a charge for all incoming text messages (regardless of sender’s network) if you don’t own a texting plan. My guess is that they want that nicely buried, and Twitter talk to take the headlines.

  2. I have Twitter on Bell and it has not sent me tweets on my phone for like 25 days. I have exhausted every suggestion twitters automated help has given me. I also have bell working on it. I wish better luck for Rogers customers.

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