Bell And Telus To Provide Satellite TV…. Boy These Two Companies Are Getting Cozy

Kudos To “Don” for pointing this story out to me.

According to The Globe And Mail, Canadian telcos Bell Canada and Telus announced that they’re going to work together to provide Satellite TV service to Western Canada:

They unveiled an agreement yesterday that will see Telus sell Bell’s satellite TV service to customers in British Columbia and Alberta under the Telus brand, with the companies sharing the proceeds. Although Bell will continue selling the service under its own name in the region, the deal strengthens its national reach. The agreement also helps fill a gap in Telus’s product line while it builds out its own TV service over Internet lines, known as IPTV.

So, they’re doing TV together…. And they’re rolling out a 4G wireless network together… Does that mean we can call them Belus now? Seriously. I’m expecting to see more deals between the two of them since they’re both being squeezed for cash. Assuming that they don’t merge first. They might as well seeing how well they work together.

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