First Usage Based Billing, Now Rate Increases….. It Really Sucks To Be A Cogeco Customer

The Cogeco forum on DSL Reports is lit up with ticked off Cogeco users. Why? Apparently hot on the heels of their introduction of usage based billing which went over really well…. NOT. …. comes the report that customer’s rates are going up. Comments within that forum are on the rude side, but that’s to be expected when you’re angry at an ISP that is intent on taking full advantage of the lack of competition within the Canadian Internet market.

My advice? Try this from this post about my other least favorite company in the universe, Rogers:

If I were a Rogers High Speed Internet customer, I’d be ticked and looking for another ISP right about now. In fact, I’ll do you a favor and recommend that if you’re a Rogers High Speed Internet customer who’s not happy about this, and you can get DSL, take a look at Teksavvy and Acanac.

I’d recommend the same for Cogeco customers. After all, the best way to punish a company like this is to take your money elsewhere to a company that isn’t out to bleed your bank account dry.

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