Rogers Releases Android Phones….. And The Data Plans Don’t Suck!

I guess that Rogers learned from the absolutely bungled launch of the iPhone last year. When Rogers released their HTC Dream and Magic Android based phones today, they were actually priced reasonably:

The HTC Dream and HTC Magic are now available across Canada for $149.99 on a three year voice and data plan with a minimum combined monthly service fee of $45. Until July 1, 2009, Rogers is offering a $30/6GB data plan for these devices. For more information, please visit

Okay, so you’re forced to sign a three year contract with Rogers to get the best price, but at least they’re smart enough to recycle the $30/6GB data plan. That shows that perhaps Rogers finally appears to have a clue. So if you want an Android phone, get it before July 1st and save some cash. Oh yeah, when you  do get that Android phone, you can surf on Rogers 3.5G network which will be great until Telus/Bell passes them with their 4G rollout.

One wonders if some upstart wireless company (ahem… Globalive) will get some Android love too? One can always hope.

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