Apple To Dump Nvidia…. Or Not…. What’s The Story?

The Interwebs have been buzzing with a rumor that Apple is fed up with Nvidia and is about to dump them. Apparently if you believe the rumor, when the next generation of MacBooks arrive they will be Nvidia free due to Nvidia’s “issues” with defective product. Interesting, but there’s also this denial that appeared today via a “source close to Nvidia.”

So is Nvidia in or out in Apple laptops?

It’s really hard to say. This could be a whole lot nothing, or there could be something to it. Two things to consider:

  1. Intel and Nvidia are currently suing each other over Nvidia’s licensing of Intel’s Nehalem architecture. That’s supposed to be the basis of the next generation of MacBooks. If Nvidia loses this pissing contest lawsuit, then they are automatically out of the running for any new Apple business as Apple will have to go back to Intel.
  2. Apple has previously punted ATI (now part of AMD) after ATI leaked Apple’s plans ahead of a Macworld keynote address. So I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar is going on.

We’ll find out when the next generation of MacBooks make their appearance. If they don’t have Nvidia inside, It’s a clear sign that this is all true.

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