Rogers Ups The Ante On Android Phones On Two Fronts… I Wonder Why…

Rogers recently launched the Android based HTC Dream and HTC Magic to give Canadians their Android fix. There’s now two new developments that you should know. First the prices of these phones has dropped. If you’re willing to commit to Rogers for three years, you can pick up either phone for $99 CDN. That is a $50 drop from when they were launched about a month ago.

Second, my “new best friends from Rogers” sent me an e-mail today:

“For the next five weeks, people can submit ideas for an Android application on Facebook that others can vote on. One winner will get to see their application become a reality, and weekly finalists will win an HTC Dream or HTC Magic and be a finalist for the grand prize.

We launched the HTC Dream and Magic, Canada’s first Android-powered devices on June 2. Android is designed to enable developers to create compelling mobile applications – and Rogers is celebrating the launch by developing and promoting a truly made-in-Canada app.

You can check out more contest details here:

This actually isn’t a bad idea as the contest is open to anybody rather than just nerds like me with programming skills. Plus they get to promote the Android phones some more. And it’s all aimed at the Facebook generation (As you actually have to have a facebook account to get to the above page).

You have to wonder why all of this is happening now. Perhaps nobody wants to buy a smart phone that isn’t from RIM (BlackBerry) or Apple (iPhone)? I personally only know of one person who has an Android phone as most of my friends and associates have a RIM product or an Apple product. I’m in the market for a new phone and I have to admit that the Android phone is not on my radar screen. But all of this is speculation on my part.

Whatever the reason, I guess the Revolution isn’t going well for Rogers.

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