Rogers Introduces Worldwide Text Messaging Packs

It always surprises me when I get an e-mail from “my new best friends from Rogers” seeing as I am quite critical of them at times. Today’s e-mail from Rogers has details about new plan to save those who text message while overseas some cash:


Thought your readers might be interested to know that Rogers has introduced new worldwide text messaging travel packs to reduce costs for travelling customers. The new travel packs are good for one month and there is no charge for incoming text messages – a home and while roaming for the length of the plan.

There are three different travel packs available:

  • $10 gives you access to 50-cent text messages worldwide for one month – 33% discount
  • $20 gives you access to 40-cent text messages worldwide for one month – 47% discount
  • $35 gives you access to 35-cent text messages worldwide for one month – 60% discount

Check for more details.

I could have used this when I was in Germany last year as my wife would text message me rather than e-mail me and I ended up with a rather large bill at the end of the month. This is actually pretty good. One thing to note is that you need to add this BEFORE you leave on your trip.

I guess the prospect of having competition in the wireless marketplace is having a positive effect on Rogers.

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