A New Avenue To Protest The CRTC Usage Based Billing Decision

If you’re a Canadian who’s still upset over the fact that the CRTC has decided to let Bell introduce usage based billing on wholesale ISP’s, you should check out this site. Competitivebroadband.com distills the issue down so that it is easy to understand, plus it makes it extremely easy to send your thoughts about how craptastic this idea is to Industry Minister Tony Clement, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the leader of the opposition Michael Ignatieff as well as your local MP. While I happen to think that the idea of just punting the CRTC to the dustbin of history is a better way of dealing with this issue, I’ll get behind this idea as the more this becomes an issue in the public eye, the more likely something will be done.

Please spread the word.

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  1. You should make that an actual link to the website.

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