Rogers To Lose iPhone Exclusivity? Please God Let It Be True!

The Globe And Mail has a bombshell of an story for Canadian iPhone users…. If it’s true. The exclusive deal that Rogers has with Apple could come to an end as early as next month. Why? Here’s why:

Bell announced Monday that it will launch national service in November on the $1-billion next-generation wireless network it has been building with Telus, months ahead of schedule. The project extends the two companies’ existing third-generation (3G) networks to include the same technology standard employed by Rogers, the nation’s largest cellphone company.

Bell for their part also had this to say:

Wade Oosterman, president of Bell Mobility, would not comment specifically on the iPhone but said the company would be adding several new devices at launch time.

“We have a very strong lineup of manufacturers,” he said. “We’re going to expand the options for Canadians. Those that require, for example, international roaming now have a viable alternative.”

Ignoring the iPhone for a second, the “international roaming” part is the only reason why I haven’t jumped ship from Rogers. The same is true for many people I talk to. If you’re Rogers, that has to suck. Now there’s another couple of providers that uses the GSM standard, which means that your competitive advantage is gone. Not that you didn’t see it coming. I guess you’re going to have to step up your game if you want to keep your customers. I for one have been deliberately keeping myself contract free with Rogers for almost 2 years now waiting for competition that uses the GSM standard to show up. Now that it looks like it’s coming in the form of Bell and Telus, not to mention that other company that both of them wish that would just go away, I may be able to lower my cell phone bill. Because if Rogers can’t give me the service I want at a price that is affordable, there will soon be others who will.

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