Bell To Launch HSPA Network Tomorrow… A Day Ahead Of Telus

Bell CEO George Cope addressed the Canadian Club yesterday and let a bit of news slip. Their HSPA network will launch tomorrow:

“In two days, Canadians will be able to access the most advanced wireless network in the world,” said Mr. Cope. “The launch of our new network – months ahead of schedule – underlines that the Bell team continues to deliver on our strategic imperatives to accelerate wireless in Canada and to invest in next-generation broadband networks. We move forward every day toward achieving our goal – for Bell to be recognized by customers as Canada’s leading communications company.”

For those of you keeping score at home, that means that this network launches ahead of the Telus HSPA network. Of course with the launch of that network comes the launch of the iPhone. Which means the end of Rogers gravy train comes one day sooner than planned. Of course I don’t see any pricing details for their plans, so God knows if they’re really going to be any better than Rogers in that regard. Having said that, both Rogers and Telus have made attempts to at least appear to look like they are competitive by dropping the much hated system access fee (and bundling it in with the price of their plans so that they don’t lose any revenue), so it may force Bell to follow the trend and do that as well.

It will be interesting to see what happens once the Bell and Telus networks go live. Will the wireless space be more competitive as a result? Sadly, the only way I the wireless space being more competitive is if there’s someone in the market that really wants bring true competition to this space. Bell, Telus, and Rogers are not that sort of company, and will never be that sort of company.

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