Rogers Releases The LG Eve On The Eve Of The End Of Their iPhone Gravy Train

There’s some irony here that I simply can’t ignore. On the eve of losing the exclusive rights to the iPhone, my “new best friends at Rogers” have let me know that they are releasing a Google Android based smart phone called oddly enough, the LG Eve. It does have some really interesting features according to the e-mail that I got:

The LG Eve features a special application called SNS Manager, which brings together Facebook, Twitter and Bebo networks into one place, letting users check status updates in real time. The device also has a 5 MP camera, a 3-inch touch screen, QWERTY keypad and a Face Recognition app.

Okay. That’s one up on the iPhone or Blackberry as those smart phones require additional software to access Facebook and Twitter and you have to use each individually. The phone is $49.99 as long as you commit to a three year voice and data plan. It likely won’t replace the income from lower iPhone sales, but it might draw some interest towards Rogers from people looking for an Android based smart phone.

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