Rogers Punts 900 Workers To The Curb…. You Might Say That They Got Rogered

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. But for some Rogers employees, they have little to be thankful for. 900 Of them have been laid off by Rogers:

A spokeswoman for the telecommunications and media giant says the layoffs represent 3 per cent of the company’s total work force.

“The goal was to streamline the organization, remove the number of layers and enable quick and faster decision making,” said Rogers spokeswoman Terrie Tweddle in an interview Thursday.

Areas of the company affected by the cuts include marketing and communications, human resources, and technology support operations.

Ms. Tweddle added that the cuts have a minimal effect on “front-line” operations, such as call centres and customer services.

“We actually continue to hire and invest in resources, particularly in customer-facing areas, while we’re going through the reorganization,” she said.

One has to wonder if even the limited competition in the cell phone space has hurt Rogers? Or perhaps they’ve been wounded for a while now and we’re only now starting to see the blood trail? Either way I suspect that these will not be the last layoffs that we’ll see from Rogers.

Oh, about the statement that these layoffs having a minimal effect on front line operations. I’ll believe it when I see it. Or more accurately the next time I have to call Rogers for something.

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  1. “Terrie Tweddle”? Her name makes me giggle 🙂 Rogers is getting rid of people before the launch or more mobile competition.

    Wait for Bell to do the same right after the possible strike is resolved. Dec 7 is the day at Bell that they will know if there is going to be a strike. Bell has been training “managers” to fill in for most of these positions. They need them if there is a strike, but if there is no strike then it is “Merry f*$&#ing Christmas to you” for many. So say the rumours.

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