Psystar Wanted To Sell 12 Million Clone Macs…. They Sort Of Came Up Short Of That Mark

The drugs that Mac clonemaker Psystar were using must have been some seriously mind altering drugs. I say that because according to Computerworld Psystar had planned on selling 1.45 million clone computers by 2011. And that number is a “conservative” estimate. Their not so “conservative” estimates had Psystar selling 12 million clones by the end of 2012. So, what did they actually sell? You’ll be shocked by the actual number of clones sold to date: 768.

Guess that they missed that target by a wide margin.

These numbers were partially based on having a notebook in their lineup:

That notebook, tentatively named “OpenBook” to identify it with the company’s “Open” line of desktop and server systems, was to boast a 13.3-in. display, an Intel 2 Core Duo processor running at 2GHz, 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive. The OpenBook’s price was set at $699, $300 below the price of Apple’s lowest-cost notebook at the time, the MacBook.

I’m guessing that this laptop isn’t going to see the light of day given their current problems.

It really seems that Psystar was delusional given all the facts that are coming to light. Good thing that Apple is taking them out of their misery.


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