An Update On My Bell Customer Service Experience

Some things have happened in the last 24 hours in regards to this issue with Bell Canada that I’d like to update you on:

  • My phone still works and I still have Internet.
  • I traded e-mails with Rogers yesterday about a possible trial of their Home Phone service. I also sent them a list of concerns that I have about their product and I look forward to their answers. I’ll keep you posted on that front and I look forward to trying out Rogers Home Phone.
  • My wife took the suggestion that was on the Bell Canada work order and went to and wrote about our negative experience. We don’t think anything will come of it because Bell doesn’t strike her as the sort of organization that actually cares about its customers, but it gave her the opportunity to vent and perhaps they’ll surprise us.
  • A reader pointed me to this posting on the blog of Toronto Star financial reporter Ellen Roseman who wonders why Bell can’t fix their customer service. This was posted on Oct. 19/09 and references a Toronto Star story on the same topic from two days earlier. The key quote from the article is this one:

“Bell Canada keeps me busy. It’s a rare day when I don’t receive complaints about unexpected charges, recurring billing errors and indifferent service.”


More updates as they come.

3 Responses to “An Update On My Bell Customer Service Experience”

  1. Just wanted to drop you a line and say that Darryl Teck#860045 was very froffesional and knowledgable and i was glad he did what the last Teck couldnt….FIX THIS PROBLEM….everything is fine now…Thansk for a job well done Darryl.

  2. Had a pleasant experience with Bell Technician Bryce #B52106. Fast, efficient and pleasant

  3. Just wanted to say technician #P001778 was was very professional and efficient… he fixed our problem is as little of time as possible. thanks for coming out in the very cold weather to help us out…

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