Rogers And Fido Have News

I have some news from Rogers today. First, Rogers has the BlackBerry Curve 8520 in white available for $49.95 on a three year plan. So if white is your thing, check it out.

The second piece of news comes from Fido. I’ll let my “best friends at Rogers” tell you the news:

Fido has launched the CityFido PrePaid option in nine Canadian cities: Toronto, London, Ottawa/Gatineau, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria.

For $45, Fido customers will get 1,000 in-zone anytime local minutes, unlimited incoming/outgoing SMS messages, call display, voicemail and call waiting.

Out of zone rates and Long Distance will be billed at $0.40 a minute.

You can find additional details, including CityFido zones here. Just click on the first option “The CityFido Prepaid plan”

My sense is that this is a defensive move to entrench themselves against providers such as Wind Mobile. Perhaps we’re starting to see some competition in the Canadian wireless market?

I sense that we’ll see more announcements like this in the near future. Stay tuned.

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