Rogers Improves Their “Who Called” Feature…. Put Away The Pitchforks, Please….

My “Best friends at Rogers” e-mailed me yesterday to say that their Who Called feature that is part of their wireless packages has been improved:

Here’s a summary of the changes:

WhoCalled Improvements:

1. Reduced notifications
The customer will receive a notification if no other notification is provided (i.e., missed call log or message waiting indicator). In most instances, that means, the customer is notified only if the phone is off or out of coverage.

2. Clearer Message
In the past, some handsets added the phone number with the date and presented it as one long line. This has been corrected and the customer will now see the phone number line as:

01:416444-5555 @ 9:21 AM 2009/11/11

3. Easy Call Back
Customers are able to easily click on the phone number (or use the menu/option key) to return a call directly from the WhoCalled(tm) message. The line has also been simplified to tell customers how many calls they have missed.

Now that sounds like an improvement that won’t start a firestorm of anger like some other improvements that they’ve made lately. So Rogers Wireless customers, please take a deep breath and be calm. If you subscribe to Who Called, you’ll like this.

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