BREAKING NEWS: Rogers Plans To Change The Quick Start Guide

I just got this in my inbox from “my best friends at Rogers” a little while ago:

“Based on customer feedback, Rogers will be implementing changes to the new Quick Start menu.

A new configuration option will be implemented to allow customers to re-order the Guide button launch sequence. Customers will be able to choose between Quick Start menu or the Interactive Program Guide (IPG) as the default launch on the first press of the Guide button on their remote. This new option will be available in the Quick Start menu during the first week of March 2010.

Rogers is also planning further enhancements throughout the year to improve the overall user experience, as well as several technology upgrades over the calendar year.”

So it seems that Rogers has listened to the hordes of angry customers who were not happy about the Quick Start guide. So Rogers customers, how does this news make you feel? Please post a comment and share your thoughts.

3 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Rogers Plans To Change The Quick Start Guide”

  1. If it just re-orders it, it doesn’t fix the problem. It was intended to toggle the guide.

  2. They now run static AD ads… now *just* Rogers service static ads. So now we get the “treat” of seeing ads for Kelsey’s or Bose Wave or Grey Power Insurance.

    THANKS, ROGERS!!!! You sure know how to treat a customer right.

    {{{face palm}}}

  3. For those of you who hate QSM, keep it to your self, as I learned that sharing a negative opinion where everyone can see it generates a lot af negative feedback at the person who posted the hate message. I’m not saying don’t post your opinion if it’s negative, I’m saying to make your negative opinion soun nicer.

    Personally, my aunt hates the QSM but I love the QSM, so we’ve been “kindly disgussin'” the topic.

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