Rogers Launches New Blog…. Why This Might Be A Good Thing

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that I often have not had good things to say about Rogers. But I have noticed a change. Lately, Rogers has been embracing social media. they have a number of Twitter accounts (such as RogersHelps) and they’ve been posting in places like Digital Home, DSL Reports, and even in this blog. And they answer my e-mails when I ask them for comments on stories that involve them. They even let me test drive their products. All of this seems to imply that Rogers is trying to evolve.

Today they launched Rogers Redboard which is a blog where….. I’ll let Keith McArthur tell  you what it’s all about:

RedBoard will be a place where we can talk about our vision, explain our services and policies and geek out about the latest new technology. Our goal is to keep jargon to a minimum and to focus on providing useful information, interviews with decision makers and answers to your questions. But this won’t work if it’s a monologue. The name RedBoard is a metaphor for whiteboards used for collaboration. We want to hear from you – the good feedback and the bad.

Now I know what most Rogers customers are saying, this is window dressing. Rogers isn’t serious about this. But I think that would be an incorrect assessment. My sense is that Rogers is really trying to shed that image of them being a company with rather craptastic customer service, and they’re using a number of avenues to do just that. Does this blog solve all their customer service issues? No. IMHO, there’s a fair amount of work to be done on that front from improving the quality of the call center staff to not coming out with policy decisions like this one or this one. But what a blog like Rogers Redboard allows them to do is better explain why they do the things that they do (even if you don’t like what they do) as well as get out in front of customer issues before they become full blown circuses. Therefore this blog isn’t the answer to Rogers issues, it’s one more step down that path. Assuming that they do what they say they’re going to do, it will make some amount of difference.

My opinion? Let’s give it six months and see what difference it makes. If the perception of Rogers changes in that time frame in places like Digital Home and DSL Reports or just generally, then this blog is a success. If not, well at least they tried. Though it would be great for them if they could deliver results considering that Bell is promising better customer service too.

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