Is Dell Pulling Out Of China?

There’s a story that has crossed my desk that claims that Dell is about to pull out of China in favor of setting up shop in India. Why would they be doing this? I’ll let Daily Tech explain:

Dell currently does about $25B USD in business in China. It could soon pull the plug on that business and move it to India, according to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who spoke with the Hindustan Times.

The Indian newspaper quotes India’s PM as stating, “This morning I met the chairman of Dell Corporation. He informed me that they are buying equipment and parts worth $25 billion from China. They would like to shift to safer environment with climate conducive to enterprise with security of legal system.”

Now, this could just be some sort of ploy to play India against China to get a really great deal from one of them. But if they are “pulling a Google,” this might be the start of a trend of U.S. companies leaving the communist country.

Stay tuned to see if and how China responds to this.

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  1. The comment about “security of legal system.” might just be it. What does the legal system matter when a one party government system will just change the law to match what they want?

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