Chinese Hackers Are At It Again…. WTF?

First Google, then Yahoo, and now the Dalai Lama? What is up with hackers from China?

The word on the street is that the among others, the Dalai Lama got his e-mail hacked by a group of Chinese hackers. The hack was discovered by a group of Canadian researchers:

For eight months, researchers based at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto worked with independent computer analysts in the United States to monitor the activities of a gang of Chinese hackers based in the central city of Chengdu.

The Munk Centre was responsible for the discovery of GhostNet last year, an enormous Chinese hacking network that had penetrated 103 countries and almost 1,300 computers. One-third of the targets were highly sensitive, including foreign ministries, embassies and even a computer at Nato headquarters.

Of course, the Chinese when approached with this info had a very predictable response:

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign ministry said the country condemned hacking, but that there was no official government response.

He added: “My personal view is that this is an attempt by the foreign media to spin the issue of hacking for political purposes, especially since this report is related to Tibet. The report appears groundless and comes from an institute that is not credible.”

That’s right, blame the messenger.

The fact is that the Chinese government is either looking the other way when it comes to hackers within their borders, or they are active participants in this. Either way, this is a cause for concern because while there is currently no direct link between the hackers and the Chinese government, one has to believe that the info that was stolen will find it’s way into the hands of the Chinese government. It would be nice if the Chinese government came out and said that it will put a stop to this, but somehow I don’t see that happening. So with that in mind, I’d expect that companies all over the place should look at beefing up their IT security to stop this from happening.

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  1. During the recent Aurora-Google hacks, the fingers were pointed at China too. Google narrowed the attacks down to two Chinese schools. In a NYTimes article, one of the school’s professors reportedly said, “I’m not surprised. Actually students hacking into foreign Web sites is quite normal.” when asked about it.

    Just another day in China I guess…

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