Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Gets Announced…. Fanbois Rejoyce

Apple via God Steve Jobs had one of their religious experiences famous media events today to announce iPhone OS 4.0 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You can watch the media event here, but I’ll hit the highlights:

  • Multi-tasking is now present in the iPhone OS. While Blackberry users (among others) have had this in their smart phones for some time, this is huge for iPhone OS users. Just make sure that you have an iPhone 3GS or a late 2009 iPod Touch if you want to leverage this feature. The key thing is that it will be battery friendly… Whatever that means.
  • Apple also announced their “iAd” mobile ad service. You’ll get interactive in-app ads for advertisers and they will be deployed by developers in their apps. Apple will be selling and hosting ads and giving developers 60% of the revenue. That sounds good on the surface.
  • There’s now a centralized Game Center that allows you to track achievements, high scores if you play online games. Sounds like Xbox Live to me.
  • iBooks will now be on the iPod Touch and iPhone platforms.
  • There’s a new mail platform that is a lot more enterprise friendly and supports a unified inbox.
  • Apple will be rolling out a new Mobile Device Management that will allow for simple wireless configuration and management of corporate iPhone OS devices. Sounds kind of like Blackberry Enterprise Server to me.
  • Spell checking will appear on the iPhone and iPod Touch (that makes it the same as the iPad).

There’s a bunch of other features that I haven’t mentioned here, so you may want to watch the video to get an idea of how expansive this OS is. Oh, I should mention that if you have a first generation iPod Touch and iPhone, none of this will work for you. It’s time for thou to upgrade.

If you’re a developer, you can download the software developer kit beta now. End users can get their hands on this in the fall (how’s that for vague) if you’re an iPad user, this summer if you’re an iPhone or iPod Touch user.

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