Another Recall Notice From Toyota…. WTF? [UPDATED]

Yesterday, we got another recall notice from Toyota, and it yet again relates to the accelerator pedal potentially getting stuck. Toyota wants to do the following:

  • Modify the the accelerator pedal and the floor so that the accelerator pedal doesn’t get stuck.
  • Ensure that OEM floor mats are properly secured and that the proper ones are being used.

The recall notice had a bunch of diagrams to show how to properly secure the floor mats as well as a sheet to tell you what to do in the event of “unintended acceleration.” Oh yeah, we’ll be contacted again when Toyota actually has a fix available. If you want the complete 411 on what Toyota is talking about, click here.

You know for a company that has built a reputation on having a quality product, Toyota really has dropped the ball here. So far they’ve shown that at best they were incompetent, and at worst they were lying about their quality. The latter seems credible given what Dimitrios Biller who was a lawyer for Toyota has had to say to the CBC:

“Toyota has a system of deception and hypocrisy,” Biller said. “I have the evidence to disprove [them] and I look forward to doing so.”


“I knew Toyota was knowingly keeping information from people,” Biller said of his stint with the automaker.

During that time, Biller said, he was frequently called upon to mislead and hide information in the company’s favour. “My boss … informed me not to produce any documents, any electronically stored documents or emails because that would violate the golden rule: ‘Do everything to protect the client even if it means committing criminal acts.'”

All of that combined with our previous experience with Toyota due to their lack of quality really doesn’t make me want to buy another Toyota product ever again. I would also say that if you’re in the market for a car and you have Toyota on your list, perhaps you should take them off your list. Clearly, they really don’t deserve to be there.

UPDATE: Toyota has a pair of new recalls to deal with. Sigh. Suddenly the Detroit three don’t seem so bad.

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