Yes, I Am Still Alive And Kicking

Sorry for not posting in the last week or so. I’ve been caught up in a couple of projects for clients and haven’t had the energy to do this blog. But I am back on the wagon so to speak and I hope to be catching up on the key news in the tech world that I’ve failed to post about. For example, I didn’t post about the privacy commissioners of 10 countries sending an open letter to Google about their concerns about privacy issues relating to Street View and Buzz. Nor did I cover the biggest tech story in the universe at the moment, which is the loss of a prototype iPhone by an Apple employee and it ending up in the hands of Gizmodo who promptly posted all the details of the phone on the Interwebs for all to see. You have to believe that Steve Jobs must just be fuming over this. Speaking of Apple, I didn’t cover the fact that they made truckloads of money over the last quarter selling iPhones and Macs in record quantities. I’m guessing RIM and Microsoft must not be happy campers upon hearing that news.

In any case, expect to see regular updates resume. And thanks for your support of this blog.

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