Rogers Introduces “Social View” Phones

I got an e-mail from my “best friends at Rogers” who had this to say about a new category of smartphone that they are launching called “Social View” phones:

Social View is a new category of smartphones available exclusively from Rogers that let you quickly and easily stay on top of your network’s goings on. It includes the Xperia X10, the LG Eve, HTC Magic+, Motorola Quench (coming soon!) and the Acer Liquid e (also coming soon!)

As part of the launch, Rogers is offering a plan with unlimited social networking that allows you to enjoy unlimited access to the most popular social networking sites. Check for more details.

We also just published a post on RedBoard here if you want to take a look:

This sounds like an interesting concept. Given that a ton of people under the age of 35 pretty much exist on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, these sort of phones would appeal to that demographic. This is something that may be good for Rogers. Social networking addicts in Canada should take a look at this and see if these phones fit their social networking needs.

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