Microsoft Slaps Back At Google Over The Dumping Of Windows…. Shock…. Not….

The Evil Empire Microsoft didn’t take long to fire back at Google over word that they were being dumped in favor of LINUX and Mac. In a blog posting, Brandon LeBlanc who is the Windows Communication Manager had this to say:

There is some irony here that is hard to overlook. For starters, check out this story from Mashable a few months ago where it was reported that Yale University had halted their move to Gmail (and their move to Google’s Google Apps for Education package) citing both security and privacy concerns.

Um, excuse me. The article says DELAYED and not HALTED. The two terms aren’t interchangeable. Just thought I’d point that out. So if that was an attempt to bitch slap Google, that attempt was a failure. But let us see what they said about the actual issue at hand:

When it comes to security, even hackers admit we’re doing a better job making our products more secure than anyone else. And it’s not just the hackers; third party influentials and industry leaders like Cisco tell us regularly that our focus and investment continues to surpass others.

Hackers said that Microsoft is better at making their products more secure than anybody else? What about Charlie Miller the Pwn2Own winner who said the exact opposite? I guess he doesn’t count.

Sorry Microsoft. Google dumped you which deprives you of a lot of revenue from Windows licenses. I get that having that happen to you might hurt a lot. But a blog posting where you play fast and loose with some of the facts isn’t going to help your cause. Building better software does. BTW, that’s true for Apple, LINUX, and everybody else too.

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