AT&T Kills Unlimited Data Plan…. WTF?

Even though AT&T is generally regarded as being a crappy carrier for iPhones and iPads, the one thing they did do right is have an unlimited plan. That ended today. AT&T has now announced that they now have “Lower-Priced Wireless Data Plans to Make Mobile Internet More Affordable to More People” which will allegedly fill the void. I looked at these plans and I have one word to describe them.


Under AT&T’s old plans, $30/month bought you truly unlimited data. Now they have two plans, DataPlus offers 200MB of data for $15 a month, while DataPro gives you 2GB for $25. Here’s the catch. With DataPlus, if you run over 200MB you get another 200MB for $15, plus you can switch to the DataPro plan on the fly and switch back later. With DataPro, if you run over 2GB, you get another 1GB of data for $10. So in either case, you’ll pay more and get less for your money. Amazing!

Oh yeah, AT&T’s iPhone customers who have waited for tethering finally get it. But the catch is that under these new plans you are paying $20 EXTRA to use the same pool of data that you’ve already paid for. The old tethering plan (which didn’t support the iPhone BTW), gave you an additional 5GB of data for $30 a month. So you’re paying to use the tethering feature and you don’t get any more data. Amazing!

Oh yeah, these new plans apply to the iPad as well. So if I had bought a 3G iPad because of the unlimited data that was being offered at launch, I’d be really pissed right now because that option is gone.

The bottom line, AT&T has basically screwed it’s user base yet again. I know that data isn’t free, but these sorts of moves are just outrageous. If there wasn’t a reason for Apple to ditch them for another carrier before, this is a perfect reason to do so now.

I can’t wait for the fanbois to show up at AT&T’s doorstep with pitchforks and torches in hand.

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  1. You know, this news really pisses me off! I already hate at&t and now they just give me more reason to hate them. Im so glad my contract will be up in a few months.
    Is’nt Apples contract almost up with AT&T any way?

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