Boy Is Rogers Busy! They Release Some Phones And Win A Lawsuit All In The Same Day

I’ll start with the lawsuit. No not THAT lawsuit. Bell sued Rogers for using the term “most reliable.” Rogers prevailed today in round one which allows them to use this term in Ontario, but:

Bell spokesperson Mark Langton disagreed with the decision, saying the ads named Bell, specifically, and featured third-party research that Rogers’ said proved its claim.

“Rogers has been making unsupported claims about Internet speed and reliability since 2008, but this was in effect a new claim,” he said. “The decision on the injunction is disappointing because Rogers’ service isn’t faster or more reliable than Bell’s, and it means their misleading claims will continue until we get to trial.”

Charming. Another situation where only the lawyers win.

On another front I got not one, but two e-mails from “my best friends at Rogers” letting me know that the Blackberry Pearl 9100 as well as the Acer Liquid e are now available. The Blackberry Pearl 9100 is… Well it’s a Blackberry. But the Acer Liquid e sounds really cool (at least on paper). I’ll let Rogers give you the 411:

The device features

–       Android OS 2.1
–       a powerful 768 MHz QualComm Snapdragon processor
–       a large 3.5” touch screen
–       5.0 MP megapixel camera

The device is $49.99 on a three year voice and data plan with a minimum monthly service fee of $45.

Both phones are available today. But I have to admit that these Android phones are starting to look good to me.

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