Why I Will Not Be Getting An Android Phone

You know, I was intrigued by those Google Android phones. They seemed to be a credible competitor to the iPhone or even the Blackberry and they have the aura of being a Google product. But recently, my desire for one has been reduced drastically. Why? For starters, there’s a report that says 20 percent of third-party application access to sensitive or private information.¬† It gets better. Some of these apps have the ability to do things like make calls and send text messages without requiring interaction from the mobile user.


Now I didn’t think that there was anything to this until I saw this Gizmodo story on the HTC Incredible and a bug that stores browser screenshots even after a factory reset. This doesn’t inspire confidence. That makes me want to shy away from buying one of these phones.

I’d love to know what Google thinks of this. I’d also love to know what carriers thinks of this as it really doesn’t sound good.

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