iOS 4 Hits The Streets…. Read This Before You Upgrade

Got an iPod Touch or an iPhone? If you plug it into iTunes (You’ll need iTunes 9.2 of course) you’ll see that iOS 4 is now available. But be warned. The Boy Genius is reporting some serious bugs, and Gizmodo is reporting some slow upgrades. Some as slow as 3+ hours. I’m not sure what to make of that. Oh yeah, you might want to read Engadget’s review of iOS 4 which doesn’t sound all that goo.

Perhaps the best course of action is to wait and see what plays out before you update your iDevice. That seems like the sensible thing to do to me. However if you’ve updated your iDevice, please leave a comment and share your upgrade experience.

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  1. The new firmware is taking 3hrs + to download and install:( the process is very slow and for 3g users its barely worth doing as it slows up the phone not major but i thought it was slow before.
    Now its just annoying and for what you get extra is not much point apart from the all in one email box and grouping of apps and this is limited to 9 apps per per folder.
    So those of you with loads of ie games will have to have mutiple folders of games so u will be searching in each folder to find the game you want bit stupid if u ask me apple are normally more smart than this.
    Its a bit of a poor update as to use it we are forced to upgrade to the later phones as the main point of it is multitasking and for how slow it is already it is obvious why apple did not do it on the 3g

  2. Tim Thompson Says:

    I downloaded the new ios4 update to my iPhone 3GS today. It was a seamless download with no problems. The entire process was about 30 to 45 minutes start to finish. Afterwards, I’ve been running my phone thru its paces (multitasking, creating folders, emailing, etc) with no noticeable problems. So far so good. Very pleased so far. BTW I pick up my new ipone ios4 at our local apple store (actually not local 105 miles away)

  3. I did my upgrade about 30 minutes after the 1300 release time. It was slow to download but that could have been our connection at work. Everything went smooth on install.

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