Samsung Wave now available from Rogers And Bell

Hot off the heels of announcing that they’ve scored the naming rights to Rogers Arena (the building that the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club plays in), my “best friends at Rogers” sent me an e-mail to let me know that the Samsung Wave was now available:

“Rogers has just added the Samsung Wave to it’s smartphone lineup.

The device has super AMOLED screen technology for improved outdoor visibility as well as bada, Samsung’s new open platform.

The device will be $99.99 on select three year plans.

More information can be found on

Or in Samsung’s news release.”

I’ll also note that Bell is selling this phone as well, but they didn’t send me an e-mail to let me know that. I guess that they don’t like me or something which is odd since they spend a lot of time reading my blog. But I digress.

What makes this phone significant is the bada operating system. Samsung’s plan is to have their own  smartphone operating system that will come with an application store so that it will take on the likes of Apple, Android and Blackberry. Signing on developers might be a problem because those three smartphone operating systems pretty much rule the universe and if I were a developer I’d pick one of those three. But I guess Samsung clearly thinks that they can make a go of it. If you want something different, this phone is worth checking out because it is pretty interesting.

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