Is Apple Quietly Fixing The iPhone 4? [UPDATED x2]

There seem to be something going at Apple HQ on in regards to the iPhone 4. Gizmodo who are no friend of Apple, have been tracking reports that people who have received replacement iPhones due to an antenna issue, have noted that the issue is fixed. One person did do some extensive testing on the new phone that they received and had these comments:

Dr. Jurg Sommerauer, from Santa Paula, California, seems to have done some more rigorous testing. He confirmed that he cannot longer reproduce the problem after a replacement. He says that he tested it repeatedly before getting the new handset:

I have replaced my phone because of freezing issues yesterday and my new iPhone 4 is by far less sensitive than the previous one with respect to antenna issues. I made extensive signal tests with and without the death grip and can not see any different 3G signal (inside a metal construction hangar) in Santa Paula, CA. Please see one screen shot representing an average of upload/download speed. I did about 20 measurements within 10 minutes. The speed span was between 0.6 Mbps and 2.1 Mbps. I could not see a meaningful difference between applying the death grip and without.

That implies that Apple has fixed the issue on recently built phones. That’s great if you get one of those. But what if you were one of the early adopters who got the ones with the crappy antennas?

At the same time, MacRumors is claiming that iOS 4.0.1 is being released today. This is the version of iOS that Apple claims will fix the signal strength display…. Even though that’s not the source of the problem as Consumer Reports pointed out. Sill the timing is curious… Assuming that this report is correct (which MacRumors claims that it is).

This will make tomorrow’s press conference very interesting. I for one hope that Apple does something very un-Apple like. I hope they admit that the iPhone 4 has a problem, they’re taking steps to fix it, they are going to make unhappy iPhone 4 owners happy again, and promise that a situation like this never happens again. After all, admitting that you have a problem and fixing it without changing your story and blaming the customer creates goodwill with your customers. Otherwise, you become Toyota.

Tune in tomorrow at 1PM EST to see how they deal with this.

UPDATE: Bloomberg is reporting that an Apple engineer was concerned enough about the antenna design that he expressed his misgivings to “The Steve” himself.  Apple didn’t comment on this report, not that you expect them to.

UPDATE #2: iOS 4.0.1 is officially out. iOS 3.2.1 for iPad also hit the streets today with a fix for WiFi. Update away (via iTunes of course)!

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