HTC Hits Back At Apple… Perhaps More To Come?

HTC must have been ticked over the fact they were used as a prop to minimize Apple’s antenna issues yesterday. They haven’t come out with a statement about this (yet), but they did have something to say to Pocket Lint. If you watch the news conference video, Apple claimed to have a really low complaints rate about the whole antenna issue. Here’s what HTC had to say about that:

“Approximately .016% of customers,” Eric Lin, global head of PR at HTC exclusively revealed to us before adding that “we have had very few complaints about signal or antenna problems on the Eris.”

You know, someone at Apple must be saying that using those phones to minimize their problems was a craptastic idea seeing that everybody and their dog is coming out to take shots at them. I’m guessing that more is to come from HTC next week as they don’t exactly like Apple and the feeling is mutual.

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