Samsung Hits Back At Apple… HTC Takes Another Shot Too

The fallout continues over the rather ill advised move by Apple to highlight antenna issues in their competitors phones. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Samsung and HTC have responded to this (joining Nokia and RIM in doing the same). First HTC who expanded on what they said a couple of days ago:

“The reception problems are certainly not common among smartphones,” HTC chief financial officer Hui-Meng Cheng said. “They (Apple) apparently didn’t give operators enough time to test the phone.”

And then there’s Samsung:

Samsung, the world’s second-largest cellphone maker by shipments after Nokia Corp. of Finland, said it “hasn’t received significant customer feedbacks on any signal reduction issue for the Omnia II” smartphone that was featured in Apple’s video.

From where I stand,  Nokia, RIM, Samsung, and HTC are all 100% correct. “Antennagate” is an Apple issue. Dragging other companies in is just pathetic, but typically Apple. I think “The Steve” may have just started another media circus that he could have avoided. Too bad for him and Apple.

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