Netflix Brings Movie Rentals Via The Net To Canada…. Does Rogers Need To Worry?

Netflix, who is best known for video rentals by mail as well as video rentals via the Internet announced via a Tweet and a traditional press release that the latter service is coming to Canada later this year. Beyond that, there are very few details, but interested parties in Canada can sign up and be informed when the service hits the streets.

Now if you’re Rogers who just launched Rogers On Demand Online, this might be a bit of a kick in the nether regions. I’m thinking that a lot of people might ignore them completely and run to Netflix even though Rogers service is free. If I were Rogers, I’d find some way to make Rogers On Demand Online look very different than Netflix in a big hurry. One way for them to do this is to broadcast live events (which Netflix doesn’t do) the way that Videotron’s illico Web service currently does.  Oh, I should also mention that Videotron’s service allows you to program your PVR via the Internet too. That’s a nice feature that I wish Rogers would implement. But I digress.

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  1. If Rogers feels any threat, I can see them launching their own similar service in their anti-competitive nature as they have done with Chatr. Their game plan seems to be stomp on any competitors (and then most likely do away with their “discount” service as will likely be the case with Chatr if they succeed in crushing Wind, Mobilicty, etc.)

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