Why Am I Still Getting Comments About Toyota?

It’s been over a year since my nightmare getting my Toyota Matrix fixed, which at this point is still working fine and has not had an issue since that experience. The one thing that I note is that my postings about my experience are still attracting page views and comments. Mostly from Toyota owners who have problems of their own. Here’s a sample of some of the comments that I’ve received:

Thanks for posting about your experiences with the Toyota Matrix. I bought my 2009 Matrix AWD 7 months ago, and I am having the same malfunction. Specifically, I have a blinking VSC light, check engine light, traction control light, and 1 other warning light start out of nowhere.

I had an ECU sensor replaced for this same malfunction 3 months ago, and all of my warning lights are back on again today.

I searched for recall information, but couldn’t find anything. Bringing my Matrix to the service dealer tomorrow. They won’t give me a loaner vehicle (they said it takes up to 3 weeks to schedule a loaner)!

Keep me posted if you learn anything new about this issue!


Toyota Corolla Steering Problem:

I gave up on Toyota Corp on fixing my problem and just took $1300 loss and traded it on the same make/model and the steering is great (after only 1 month). I kept my recepts on both. I promus if someone dies my report that I made with NHTSA website will be proof that if someone dies on my old 2009 Corolla the VIN will be proof there was a problem.


In the same boat as you. Our 2009 Rav 4 has problems that the dealership service people have not seen before and they just reset the computer and want us to take the car back. This after we had to hand brake the car to a stop!! They have the car for 5 days now and no rental as the warranty doesn’t cover it!!! Toyota Canada basically told me I should deal with the dealership. When i asked if I could talk to some one higher up I was told it will take 7 business days….waiting for the GM of the dealership to return my call.

That last comment caught my attention and made me want to want to write this post because it was posted a few days ago. So it really seems that Toyota hasn’t taken my advice and improved how they react to customers. They really should consider what I said in this posting:

The fact that it takes “a few days” for somebody at Toyota Canada to call me to discuss this issue shows that there’s a real lack of customer focus. If I were in their shoes, I would call the customer back within one business day or less to not only get their side of the story and flesh out the details, but to also explain what the next steps in the process are and to set the expectations of the customer.

That lack of customer focus still appears to be present. Too bad for Toyota.

Why? I’m in the market for a new car as a compact hatchback doesn’t fit my needs. I really thought it would and I wanted a smaller displacement engine with all wheel drive to carry all the stuff that I need to do my job. But the fact is a mid sized crossover is what I really need these days as I really need the room. Had I still liked Toyota, perhaps a Highlander would be on my radar screen. But given that I still have a bad taste in my mouth from my problems with the Matrix, I’m looking at other options like the Ford Edge. I had a good experience test driving a Fusion a while back, and Ford has received a ton of positive press lately. So it’s made me want to give them a closer look.

But all is not lost for Toyota. I’d love to hear from Toyota Canada to give me a reason why I should trust them again. E-mail me, call me, do something and tell me how you’re improving your customer service as well as making sure that these sort of issues go away. After all, when someone spends tens of thousands of dollars on your products, they need to know that you’ll be there to help them when they need you.

So how about it Toyota?

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