Bell Plays Fast And Loose With What Their Internet Service Is….. Again

I don’t get why Bell has to play games with their customers like this. I previously wrote about Bell calling their “Fibe” Internet service “fiber optic” Internet. The reality is that it is VDSL 2+. That means that it’s fiber to the node. Meaning the fiber is terminated in a street cabinet up to several kilometers away from the your home, with the final connection being copper which is completely different from something like Verizon FiOS which is Fiber to the home. Bell has now come out with a new commercial that claims that their “Fibe” Internet service is fibre optic Internet. I tried to find a video of this commercial online and I can’t so if someone could kindly point me towards one, it would be much appreciated.

You have to wonder why can’t Bell be like MTS who has launched FiON. Ignoring that fact they’re trying to leverage the FiOS name, their service is fibre to the home. Why can’t Bell do fibre to the home?

I guess Bell just assumes that consumers will overlook the details and sign with them for what they think is fibre optic Internet service, without Bell actually spending the bucks to actually deploy fibre to the home. If I were Rogers, I’d be calling Bell out in court over this. Not only that, I’d be putting out ads telling consumers just how Bell is obfuscating the facts.

Come on Rogers, it’s not like you’ve haven’t sued Bell for obfuscating the facts on a couple of occasions. And besides, you know you want to.


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  1. Who cares really?

    If they can deliver on the speeds advertised I don’t care if it’s fibre to the home, VDSL2+ or Ethernet over Pigeons.

    Also, do your research, Bell is in deed deploying FTTH in select neighborhoods (mostly ones with aerial cables) and in all new developments…

    Bell bashing is so easy… Sigh…

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