IE 9 Beta Hits The Streets

Are you interested in looking at a cutting edge browser not named Firefox? If so, Internet Explorer 9 in beta form has hit the streets. Those of you brave enough to use a beta product should hit the download link here. Those of you not brave enough to try it can read what IE 9 is all about here. The highlights are that it supports HTML5 and CSS3, and include pinned sites, which lets users pin a website directly to the taskbar. I should mention that this feature behaves differently under Windows 7 versus other supported OSes. There’s also hang protection which isolates tabs from each other. Finally Microsoft adds trusted downloads to combat malware.

Two things to note. IE9 will replace IE8 on your computer. But it can be uninstalled if required. Just in case, I’d have a good backup just in case. Also IE9 also does not support Windows XP. Another reason from Microsoft to run Windows 7.

If you’ve tried IE 9, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it.

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