Rogers/Fido E-mail Me Some News…. And It’s Interesting News….

I got two e-mails from my “best friends at Rogers” announcing two things. First, let’s see what Rogers has to say:

Thought you might be interested in our latest RedBoard video with industry strategist Shelly Palmer on the future of video entertainment. In the video, we talk about the changes happening in the industry and what Canadians can expect in the future.

You can check out the video here.

I watched the video and it is interesting from a Canadian perspective. The fact that Rogers asserts that there will be two types of people in the world: Connected, and Non-Connected people is an interesting prediction. We’ll see if that happens. One thing I did note is that 4G did enter the conversation. Does that mean that Rogers has an announcement about 4G in the hopper?

Next up is Fido (which is a Rogers brand):

Just FYI – Fido has just launched a new online property very similar to Rogers Community Forums that launched back in August: Fido Technical Community was created as another avenue for Fido customers to have their technical questions answered. Users can search previous posts to find the answer to their technical question, or post a brand new question. They can also respond to posts to where they think they can be of help to other members.

The new community can be found at

It’s nice to know that Fido users are getting the same love as Rogers users. Fido users should check it out.

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