Novell To Be Sold And Broken Up

When I started in IT in the 1980’s, the big dog on the block when it came to business networking was not Microsoft. It was Novell. If you wanted a business network, you went to Novell. You didn’t go anywhere else. Novell has fallen from those heights since then and has been been a shadow of their former selves for some time. Now the New York Post claiming that ever popular “un-named source” says that the company is about to be broken up and sold:

A strategic buyer will buy the piece of the software provider that develops and delivers Linux SUSE systems, with a private-equity firm picking up much of the rest. Both deals are expected to close simultaneously and the company will be de-listed, according to one source, who noted that the talks are in a sensitive stage and could fall apart.

It’s really sad to see this company potentially end this way. They were so big in the 80’s and early 90’s. But Microsoft really took them down and they couldn’t find their way after that. But at least some of their products will live on to some degree or another. 

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