Bell & Telus Hit With Lawsuit Over Early Termination Fees…. Isn’t Someone Missing?

One thing I hate about telcos is the early termination fees. They’re just a way to allow the telcos  to keep you tied to them as long as possible so that they can suck as much cash from you as possible. So my heart just warms with the knowledge that Bell and Telus are being sued over these fees. P2pnet is quoting a story from French language newspaper LaPresse (Google Translation here). The suit covers contract termination fees, network termination fees, long distance plan termination fees, fees for the termination of a residential telephone service or termination of de-regulated zone fees. Not only that, but the suit specifically focused on customers who were charged the fees but never actually signed a long-term contract. Now frequent readers will recall that Bell did the latter to me when I dumped them earlier this year. So you can bet I will be joining this class action lawsuit if it hits the province of Ontario.

My only question is where’ s Rogers in this. They have early termination fees with their cell phones amongst other things. Why did they escape this? Inquiring minds want to know.

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