Unsealed Lawsuit Provides New Details About Dell’s Faulty Computer Issue

A recently unsealed lawsuit has some new news in regards to that lawsuit where Dell is accused of knowingly selling millions of faulty computers. Depending on who you were, you might have received different treatment from Dell:

Dell apparently ranked its affected customers by importance, the documents showed, giving those who would move to another computer maker because of the issue the highest priority. Instead of recalling the computers, Dell performed “proactive field replacements” — which likely involved having technicians replace affected motherboards before they exhibited problems.

That’s great if you’re a big corporation. But it’s gotta suck if you’re a small or medium sized business. But it’s actually worse than that. News of Dell having issues was rumored for some time. Here’s how Dell handled that:

Dell also instructed its salespeople and technicians not to let customers know about the issues.  Internal presentations (PDF link) contained phrases like “Don’t bring this to customer’s attention proactively” and “emphasize uncertainty” as directives Dell’s employees should follow.

I did mention something about that when I posted the original story in June. The difference is that now you have a smoking gun of sorts. I’m not surprised by their response. I’d be shocked if they admitted to having problems. But it doesn’t look good for them in court.

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