Rogers Holds Event And Lets A Bunch Of News Slip Out [UPDATED x2]

This past week, Rogers held an event called TabLife TO where the focus was on tablets. Besides declaring that tablets are “the dashboards for the highways of tomorrow” (quote from John Boynton, Rogers executive V.P. and Chief Marketing Officer) they let a bunch of news slip out. Here’s the highlights:

  • A remote PVR service designed for tablets will be available “early next year” so that you can use your tablet to set your PVR to record anything from Monday Night Football to Desperate Housewives.
  • A tablet friendly version of Rogers On Demand Online is coming soon. Question: does that include the iPad seeing as the current Rogers on Demand Online is very Flash based and as we all know, Flash is verboten on the Steve’s iDevices?
  • Rogers users will be able to share their data plans with their tablets for as little as $15 a month. More details here.
  • If you watch the video below, you’ll hear John Boynton spill the beans on the Blackberry Playbook. Apparently it will be available in “early 2011.” It will be available in WiFi models at first and 3G models will follow.

Want more info on this event? I’ll direct you to Rogers Redboard.

UPDATE: Here’s a video with a demo of the Blackberry Playbook.

UPDATE #2: Just got this comment from my “best friends at Rogers”:

“Also, just noticed your question in your post about whether or not Rogers on Demand Online includes iPad. The answer is yes. Rogers on Demand Online will be for iPad next year.”

One wonders if there’s going to be “an app for that” or is Rogers On Demand Online about to become HTML5 friendly. Check back early next year to find out.

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  1. Great news regarding Rogers On Demand Online coming to the iPad but..
    will one be able to view this without Rogers 3G or an expensive PVR and will Rogers adjust their caps pricing so as to allow for affordable viewing? As a Rogers/iPad customer I’m longing for a cost effective HTML5 provision using Rogers Wifi that doesn’t empty my wallet. An iPad that has TV like multiple channel control and content viewing would be desirable. Really, no different than having an additional tv in your home but on a tablet. Is that too much to ask?

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