Bell Fined Big Time For Telemarketing Violations…. You Have To Love It!

You have to appreciate the irony in this situation. Bell who is in charge of that “Do Not Call” list that I told you about a while ago, got fined by the CRTC to the tune of $1.3 million for telemarketing to people on that list:

The CRTC said Bell hired independent telemarketers to pitch the telecom provider’s TV, wireless, Internet and home phone services to numbers registered with the Do Not Call List, where Canadians sick of telemarketing calls can register their numbers.

That’s pretty dumb. What did Bell have to say about this? Here’s what a statement from the telco said:

In a release, Bell said the telemarketers, working under contract, had not only violated the CRTC’s list, but had also violated Bell’s own internal list of people who did not want to receive calls. The company said it had “terminated its relationships with two telemarketers and suspended several others” after the investigation.

Sure. Right. Here’s what the CRTC had to say:

“All telemarketers must respect the wishes of Canadians who have registered their telephone number on the National [Do Not Call List] or requested that a telemarketer include their number on its internal do not call list,” Andrea Rosen, the CRTC’s chief telecommunications enforcement officer said in a release. “Even though the calls in this instance were made by third parties, Bell Canada must ultimately ensure that the rules are followed.”

Hopefully this has a ripple effect, I’ve registered my number with the do not call but still get telemarketers calling me. Hopefully now when I threaten to report them, they`ll realize the severity of it and take me off their list. That would include Bell.



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