RIM To Offer India A “Cloud Based” Monitoring Solution…. WTF?

The RIM vs. India circus might be finally coming to an end. It’s being reported that there’s a deal at hand:

The Canada-based Research In Motion, the makers of BlackBerry, has agreed to offer monitoring on cloud-based computing instead of setting up a local server. The Ministry of Home Affairs has agreed to this solution from Research In Motion (RIM).

In a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Vice-President (Government Relations) of RIM, Mr Robert Crow, said, “As per the compliance schedule agreed to by both Research In Motion and the Ministry of Home Affairs, RIM infrastructure is ready to receive and process via the cloud computing-based system lawfully intercepted BlackBerry Messenger data from Indian service providers.”

The Home Ministry had given time till December-end for RIM to come up with a solution that will enable security agencies to snoop into data flowing through BlackBerry devices on a real-time basis. While it is not yet clear how the cloud computing-based monitoring will work, sources said that the Indian authorities were satisfied with the system.

Cloud based computing? Whatever. All I know is that it’s not clear how corporate e-mail will be handled. That’s important because as I’ve said previously, all one has to do if they want to keep security officials from snooping is to fire up your own Blackberry Enterprise Server. If there’s no solution for that then the Indian authorities are wasting their time. Though one could argue that the Indian authorities are wasting their time in any case.


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