The CRTC Proves Once Again That They’re Out Of Touch With Canadian Internet Users

The Canadian government body that I (along with most Canadians) love to hate is at it again. The CRTC reaffirmed their earlier usage based billing decision today which spells the end of an Internet that is affordable and usable by Canadians:

Larger telecom providers, such as Telus Corp. and BCE’s Bell are mandated to lease network space to smaller providers across the country. Many smaller providers often offer popular unlimited packages that allow users to download as much content as they want, whereas the larger providers often have download “caps,” with strict extra charges for going over the limits.

The decision, small providers say, effectively destroys their ability to offer such unlimited packages in the future. Large providers, however, argue it’s necessary in an era when some consumers download lots of TV shows and movies that they say clogs their networks. The regulator, as it usually does, has attempted to find middle ground. While the CRTC is allowing large providers to charge usage-based billing to smaller, “wholesale” Internet firms, it has mandated larger providers give them bandwidth for 15 per cent less than their own retail customers.

This is proof positive that the CRTC needs to die. Why? This decision pretty much kills services like Netflix, Youtube, or any other media rich service. So Canadians will have to put up with whatever Rogers, Bell, Telus choose to give Canadians. The other thing that needs to happen is that the Canadian telco market has to be opened to foreign competition. I guarantee that those three telcos would make themselves way more competitive if someone like a Deutsche Telekom came in here, set up their own network and offered unlimited telco services for way less than the “big three.” Fortunately, Canadians have a government that seems to be partial to that. Hopefully they do the right thing and make the Canadian telco market much better for Canadians. Until then, Canadians better bend over and lube up as they’re going to get screwed by Bell, Rogers, and Telus, and the CRTC is going to stand by and do nothing.

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  1. Those greedy corporate pigs are never going to give us unlimited internet for $20 a month. You seem to know a lot about the internet and technology so why don’t you build an internet service – once you have it built just send me an email and I’ll help you sign up other folks just like me who want your unlimited internet for $20 a month. I download some movies so I would need about 150 Gigs each month and I would like to have at least 15 Mb/s access speed so I don’t have to wait.

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