Kodak Loses Patent Suit Against RIM And Apple

You might remember that Kodak sued RIM and Apple over the fact that they claimed to have invented the digital camera back in 1975 and they weren’t getting paid for it. Today, they got the news that their patent was found to be invalid by a U.S. International Trade Commission administrative law judge. But somehow, Kodak had a positive spin on the situation:

“The ALJ’s recommendation in this case represents a preliminary step in a process that we are extremely confident will conclude in Kodak’s favor,” the company said in its press release. Kodak pointed out that another judge had upheld the patent claim in a separate suit against Samsung and LG Electronics. After that preliminary ruling, Kodak and Samsung agreed last January to a cross-licensing deal. Kodak also lists LG as a licensee of its imaging patents.

Kodak also said the ITC’s Office of Unfair Import Investigations had agreed with its interpretation of the patent.

Sure. Whatever. Kodak, please stop trying to sue companies in order to stay afloat now that you don’t make film anymore. Work on making better products. Create some kick ass photo printers or something. Don’t become a patent troll. It really doesn’t make you look good.

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