Sony Thumbs Its Nose At Congress While Getting Sued

The troubles of Sony have gotten worse. First the news hit the Toronto Star that a $1 billion dollar class action lawsuit has been filed over the PSN network being hacked:

A proposed class action suit in excess of $1 billion has been launched in Toronto on behalf of about one million Canadians against Sony Corporation and its PlayStation and Qriocity networks for breach of privacy and negligence

Natasha Maksimovic, 21, is the plaintiff in the class action suit. The Humber College student, who is taking an international business degree, is an avid PlayStation player and has a Sony e-reader as well.

She’s worried all her confidential and private information has been hacked and will be used. “I’m very loyal to Sony,” she said in a phone interview with the Star. “I buy a lot of their products. I trust their brand. It’s kind of disappointing. I’m disappointed in the company to have something like this happen.”

In a statement she said: “If you can’t trust a huge multinational corporation like Sony to protect your private information, who can you trust? It appears to me that Sony focuses more on protecting its games than its PlayStation users.”

That’s gotta suck. But I guess that Sony has to learn that they have to protect user info at all costs. But that’s not all. Sony was asked to appear before congress. Their answer? Nope:

Ken Johnson, senior adviser and spokesman for Representative Mack, said Sony declined to testify at the hearing citing “an ongoing investigation” it is conducting with law enforcement.

That’s a mistake. You can pretty much expect something bad to happen to them. A subpoena perhaps? Something else? Just look at what happened to Toyota last year. They should keep that in mind as they’re really not in a power position.

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