RIM Gets Bing On Blackberries…. WTF?

Today at BlackBerry World 2011, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis announced that a strategic mobile partnership with Microsoft has been reached that among other things, means that Microsoft’s lame search engine Bing will find its way onto Blackberry smart phones. Here’s how Microsoft decided to spin this deal:

These new experiences highlight how the mobile landscape is changing. Devices are becoming sensors that can provide real-time access to information to help people quickly complete tasks on the go. We’re going to see a convergence of search, commerce, social and location-centric services where Bing will provide the intelligence and the organizing layer in the cloud that connects a user’s intent with action, helping people be more productive.

For us, this goes way beyond a “search box” and links that rank URLs representing a set of web documents. For us, it’s about finding real tools that help real people get things done. Bing is about fast decisions, combining the topical graph with your social graph – as well as the geospatial graph – to connect the real world and the digital universe like never before. Doing this on mobile devices of all sorts is incredibly important to this effort, and our work with RIM will help both companies do great things for customers.

Sure. I think this really means that Microsoft and RIM are scared of Google (though for different reasons) and they need to team up to have any shot of being relevant in the search space and the mobile phone space. Thus this deal. I don’t see how this would have any relevance in terms of device sales for RIM. But perhaps there’s more to this than we know.

Either that or RIM is desperate.

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